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About the language

Persian belongs to the family indoíránských languages. Persian is spoken mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Her intellect but also citizens of many other countries in the Middle East. You understand it and you, if you use our Persian text translator. Persian nowadays written in Arabic script, but uses its own four letters. "Parsi" was the language of the population of modern Iran, have used it already in the years 550-330 BC. During the centuries the language has changed up to today's modern form. It now includes many concepts borrowed from other languages as Persian as many times as it finds a word describing a newly created artifact event. The local government is trying to suppress this phenomenon, but these efforts were in vain. Persian is very poetic, gentle and melodious language. It is said about her, she is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Poetry therefore plays a very important role in that language. One of the oldest texts back to the 6th century BC., Which is written in cuneiform. Old Persian we find in the sacred book Avesta. If you would like using our Persian Persian translators learn positive news for you surely will be the fact that the Persian distinguish genders (masculine, feminine, middle). But has but two types of verbs. But to fans of this language does not matter because our Persian dictionary is always available.

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