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About the language

Hmong language has a long and detailed history. He appeared with people from southern China, the population is over two thousand years. Today it is spoken, people in many parts of the world, but most speakers of that language has in Yunnan, northern Vietnam, Laos or Thailand. Together, this language has about 2.7 million speakers. Among speakers can include you too, if you learn the language using our Hmong translators sentences. Hmong is rooted in chuanqiandianském dialect, he was later split into two dialects into Hmong and Hmong njua daw, a Laotian version. Our Hmong dictionary uses a variant daw. Sometimes, however, these two dialects considered two separate languages with large mutual differences. Hmong Daw today but use predominates. However, you may encounter a blue and white label Hmong. White Hmong (hmong daw) got its name from the traditional female sukně.V 2007 was appointed the official version of the language, which corresponded to the "first local dialect". There are several views on the origin of the Hmong font. Some theories go back deep into history. What is certain is that in the late 19th century, scientists discovered over two dozen Hmong writing systems. Check out what are our Hmong translators. Many Hmong can also be found in the USA, the state is received after they helped the CIA during the Vietnam War. Over the past few years, many Hmong turned to the Christian faith, has made it largely weather forecasts Gospel radio in the language of the Hmong-daw.

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