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About the language

Maltese belongs to the Semitic languages, spoken to her about 420,000 people in the Mediterranean, more specifically on the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino. This language has its roots in the Arabic language that developed in Sicily and Malta 9 to 14 century. The influence of these languages is particularly evident in figures and in local names. Find out by our Maltese translator. The first mention of the fact that Malta has its own language, appeared in 1364 as a separate language is described in the will of Pawel Peregrina year 1436. There are theories that the Maltese could come from the language of the ancient Phoenicians, who arrived on the island in 750 BC . AD It is noteworthy that the inhabitants of Malta have managed to maintain their language despite the many influences of foreign languages. By the mid-19th century, but had only spoken form of a Maltese, and later was defined grammar rules. Know ye through our Maltese dictionary. After Malta became independent in 1964, became the language of the UK's official next to traditional Maltese. For those who want to learn Maltese, is the most complex sound - character, similar to the Arabic "q" is almost inaudible, but very hard to master. So if you want to learn this interesting language with a rich history, do not hesitate to use our translator.

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